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VGA connected monitor works but Displayport monitor does not. I also tried booting up CPU with only the monitor connected to the displayport output and the screen never came to life Is there an 'Input' selection on the monitor, that can be set for DisplayPort? Are you able to try a different cable? As for checking the inputs on the monitor screen, the indicator switch remains "amber" all the time. Upon restart of the M53, the monitor switch will turn "blue", display the " no signal found " box then turn back to "amber" and monitor is asleep.

On my working monitor, I can access the input control via the bottom switches, but the problem monitor I cannot being that it remains in "sleep" mode. Search this forum, you'll find many incidences of unapproved DP adapters not working. Adapter cables are worse, since they don't have the space needed for all the electronics, and zero are approved. See this and search for other threads:. Also, there was no line item "Multi-Monitor Set-up" listed In the meantime, I also placed a call to Lenovo Customer Support as a follow up to the issue.

I'll let you know how they diagnosed my situation. Lets see how this turns out View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn More.

lenovo thinkcentre dual monitor

APP Download. All Forum Topics. Can anyone lend a hand here? BiggAl Community SeniorMod. I do not respond to Private Messages for help, your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where the information exchange may help others. If I helped you, click the 'Thumbs up' button, if solved, the 'Accept as solution'. Thanks for your help here! I will try that scenerio you suggested. Both ports are enabled, there is no need for a BIOS setting change.Products ship within the same business day excl.

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The elegant design is enhanced with convenient one-cable connection for video, power and data. The stunning Near-Edgeless IPS-type display is perfect for multi-screen settings, and connects easily to virtually any device. The Lenovo ThinkVision Td monitor perfect balance the performance and value.

lenovo thinkcentre dual monitor

Td has IPS panel which can provide wide viewing angle for user. With the bezel width side being just 2. Any business user will appreciate the vivid color and exceptional clarity of Full HD x resolution.

With the vivid When powered on, you'll experience vibrant visuals at x resolution, a non-glossy screen, and a space-saving cable management design guaranteed to give your business workspace the clean look it deserves. Featuring an ultra-thin, nearly frameless display matched with VGA and HDMI interfaces, this monitor walks the walk and talks the talk.

ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One 23.8-inch Gen3 Monitor

The ThinkVision P32u monitor combines phenomenal visuals and effortless connectivity for powerful performance and precise viewing. Free Shipping. Fit for Tiny PCs. Wrong Input.

lenovo thinkcentre dual monitor

All rights reserved. Business Shopping, Simplified. Get a discount when purchasing Microsoft Office with computer for your business. Help me Decide.Weatherford, OK. I have the m90z with Windows 7 Pro and I cannot get the second monitor to detect.

I have installed the latest video drivers. Australia, Melbourne. Torrance, CA. I came across this problem as well. Upon waking up and then logging onto the PC domain PCthe second monitor works! I was then able to move applications to the second monitor. If I make any changes to the display settings, like changing to "Show desktop only on 2" and then set it back to "Extend these displays" the second monitor remains black.

At this point, I put the PC into sleep mode. This only works in Sleep mode. Here's another thing, if I go through this routine and do not finish typing the password before the second monitor times out, it does not come back up. Also, this only works with the DisplayPort cable connected. It will not work with the VGA cable as the sole connection. The PC was at version 8. I installed 8. After the required reboot, the secondary monitor came up automatically using the DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable.

On Friday, I talked with 3 tech reps from Lenovo Support and they all stated it was not possible even though it is clearly indicated on the Lenovo site: "See more at once with the dual-display mode. Simply connect another monitor using the onboard DisplayPort to increase your screen space. Happily I did not beleive them and access this forum I should have done that first.

Now, would you know how to transfer the sound? I would like to be able to watch videos and movies on my TV screen. Note that I can also connect to my receiver and get the image on the TV screen. This may help in your situation. To resolve this:.

lenovo thinkcentre dual monitor

Your default sound device may vary. I have tested this and it works The hdmi port should and does on mine connect as a second monitor for the M90z. I'd really like to get my dual monitors working. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies.Melbourne Australia. I want to use 2 monitors but the onboard VGA does not detect the second monitor.

The monitor is working fine on my Dell PC. Seems like it is s common problem with Lenovo Thinkcentre but there is no answer of any sort to fix the problem.

All the drivers have been updated via windows update and there is no drivers missing. I don't believe the M90 supports the concurrent use of a graphics card and the internal graphics. But doesn't the FX support 2 monitors?

You may need to buy an adapter for the DisplayPort. Considering their support is extremely horrible and this is my first experience with them and will be last i would discourage others including my friends and family and recommend others to buy HP as i have more than dozen experiences with them and all of them excellent and solved by them with less or no hassle. Out of curiosity, why wouldn't you want to use the 2-monitor capability of the FX to support your two monitors?

You have the card, and it supports two monitors.

ThinkCentre Tiny In One Dual Monitor Stand

What's the problem? Internal graphics and Intel drivers are one thing, and the superior performing discrete graphics card and nVidia drivers are another thing. I've had experience with Lenovo machines M91p, M92p and M93p all with discrete graphics cards in them and have never wanted or needed to use internal graphics, either for one or two monitors.

Also, as with your M90 none of these machines supports simultaneous use of internal graphics and discrete card either. I have bought Lenovo online which is i5 compared to my Dell i3 and i wanted to use the same video functionality as i did with my Dell.

So long story short. Lenovo have to come up with a nice excuse for disabling onboard video card when using add on Video card. I wouldn't want to run one of my monitors VGA no matter whether it was from onboard graphics or a VGA port that was available on my add-on graphics card. Actually, you're lucky that your add-on graphics card has two digital connectors. Of course if I'd had two monitors and only one digital connector on the HD I would have been plenty P.

Anyway, I understand your desire to run your new Lenovo machine the same way you used your Dell machine, with its ability to use both onboard VGA along with discrete graphics DVI. For me, I'd rather use the higher-performing discrete graphics to support both monitors I know this is subjective but I'd not run my second monitor VGA no matter from where.

But that's just me. I only wish the add-on video card which came with my M93p had two digital connectors if I had two monitors I wanted to use with it. If the plug DVI first the first screen comes up.

Rebooting does not work either. I have 2 of those splitter cables and both of them work fine on Dell. I would still expect Lenovo to provide the functionality of running multiple monitors or simply do not provide the functionality to add a video card. The lack of support and functionality might be a reason i have not seen much Lenovo PC's around which is dominated by Dell followed by HP at least in Australia.

That's just my two cents. Also they will loose unhappy customers like me who is going to advertise the negative reviews so that they loose more customers.

View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn More.For those who do not know, the M92P is part of the Tiny series.

These computers are similar in design to the Apple Mac Mini. Presumably, this configuration will allow for viewing out of three separate monitors. I need to find the right drivers to set up this configuration. Currently, I have all the required drivers installed. There are no question marks or exclamation points under the Device Manager. As it stands now, only the monitor connected to the VGA port and one of the 19" monitors work.

connecting two monitor to lenovo desktop

All three monitors show up under the Monitors section of Device Manager. According to Google, this computer supports three or four displays using the Mosaic Mode3 Multi-Display Technology which is a Nvidia technology. The only corresponding video driver for this operating system Windows 7 bit under the Lenovo site failed to installed because the required hardware is not installed. I was not in charge of technical support when this computer was purchased so I cannot confirm the ordered configuration.

Without opening the system and looking at the graphics card, is there way to determine exactly what type of video card s is are installed in this computer? I have already tried Belarc but I am not convinced this provided all the necessary information. Additionally, does anyone have an idea as to what driver s I need to install in order to make this work as advertised?

As a follow up, I spoke with our sales rep and confirmed that this computer has the ability to display on three independent monitors using the onboard Intel graphics card. This is the driver I used to successfully make this happen:. As a note, I had to use display port to display port connections. I ran into something like this, to use 3 monitors one of them has to use the Display port.

The adapter might need to be an active one. Now you can goto the nVidia. Sounds like you do not have the hardware that you think you do. I just went straight to the source. I called Lenovo and confirmed that this particular system did not come with the Nvidia graphics card installed.

Therefore, 3 or 4 display viewing will not work. For those who care to know, if your M92P or comparable ThinkCentre computer comes with an Nvidia graphics card, use the following driver to utilize 3 or 4 display viewing:.

We have 50 M92p devices here and this is a great tip - thank you very much.Then switch to the Tab Devices and select Video Setup. The last Setting is called "MultiMonitorSupport". This should just plugin the cable and everything works! I connected both monitors with VGA.

I am having a different issue with dual monitors on the M72e machines. The monitors are still on and you can see the mouse move but they are black. If you wait a little while both monitors will work again. This is a problem because they are being used in a call center and must be be on continuously. I have called Lenovo support several times but they always say it must be the cable or monitor. I have configured it just as you did.

Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Docking Station Setup (w/ Lenovo ThinkPad E580)

Can anyone help me with this problem? Australia, Melbourne. Overheating of the graphics card, correct? We had been wondering about that. Thanks so much; we will check it out. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

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I already enabled dual monitor support in the Bios but the other Monitor is still won't working.Would like to attach three monitors and display three discrete screens. I have not been able to get this to work this way. I have spoken to technical support twice regarding this issue to no resolve. One support rep said I need an adaptor. There are a total of 5 ports available for video, tried anyway, does not work.

Machine has Nvidea GT with one display port and one vga port. System board has 2 display ports and 1 vga port. I am trying to get 3 monitors to work in discrete mode, If I connect to 1 vga and 1 display port on the video card I get 2 discrete displays. If I further connect to any of the ports on the system board to get my third display working none of the ports are working. I have two of these systems and have tried to use the system board display ports on both machines and they don't work.

I have the BIOS display setting set to auto. I read your posts on the subject of M93p not recognizing the Displayport montior, and I read your or one of your sollutions with the link showing how to change the Bios to "multiple monitors" in the video setup. All good. Except that my bios doesn't offer that 4th option enable multile montiors. The unit is M93p running Win 8. The unit is new less than 24hrs. But no signal is coming out from the Displayport. However, if the displayport cable to the monitor is disconnected, the monitor shows "no digital signal".

So, something is coming through. Lenovo tech called them twice first said they don't support outside monitors. Then they said the machine is defective. I explained from researching this site, many folks suffer from the same issue. They are perplexed and said they'd get back to me in a few days. From the posts about this, I guess it may have to do with Bios settings but I don't have the 4th optionor video card jumpers?!

I don't want to return another Lenovo product to them for poor repair. Please help. Thank you! Did you check if the model you have is able to use all the video parts at once? Sometimes it depends on the Intel video being present in the machine. It doesn't provide the "enable multiple monitor" option. Regarding checking if the model is able to use all the video parts at once - and for the Intel card being present in the machine. It doesn't appear that you have a PCI graphics card?

In which case, the BIOS setting would not apply to you, you'll want to leave it at the default.

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