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The Golden Eagle bike engines kit is the worlds first geared kevlar belt drive unit that fits most common bicycles. We are the smoothest, most dependable kit available. Put more power to the pavement with our one of a kind positive drive system!

Super simple and takes under an hour to install. Imagine how much fun saving money could be with Golden Eagle! Our step by step instruction guide will get you on the road in no time. Our kits were designed to be simple, durable and efficient.

4 Stroke Motorized Bikes

You can put your trust in our reputation as the leading authority in bicycle engine kits. All of the kits parts are manufactured in Michigan with US steel and have a rust proof coating to ensure the kit maintains its quality and integrity for many, many years. Easy assembly and installation … The kit takes roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour to install. First of all, snap the drive ring on the rear wheel with the included tool, install four nuts and bolts, one screw for the kill button and slide the mount strap into place on the rear axle.

The trigger throttle clips on your handlebars for use with your thumb or finger, whichever is more comfortable for you to use. Therefore when you let off on the trigger throttle — you will start to slow down and eventually come to a stop idle — like the automatic transmission of your car.

No dangerous levers to push or pull! Control of the bike can be maintained at all times with Both hands on the handlebars! Furthermore — the Drive Ring is made with a reinforced hybrid polymer — for extreme durability and dependability. Our geared Drive Belt is Kevlar reinforced for extra durability. Most noteworthy, the majority of our customers find the belt will last for more than a year with proper care and riding.

Consequently your riding style dictates belt life. With a Breaking strength of lbs. The kit includes a custom molded Safety Cover for the moving parts to ensure your safety. It will also work for c wheels with 32 or 36 spokes. Securely fits spoke sizes from 15 gauge to 12 gauge. Many of our customers are commuters, disabled or seniors -and GEBE is committed to providing reliable, affordable motorized bicycle transportation. Coupled with our efficient, geared belt power transfer system results in the most dependable, easy to install and use, best mileage and environmentally friendly bicycle assist engine kit available.If you are a fan of bike riding and you are also good at doing things yourself, then you sure are suited to purchase a bicycle engine kits.

This kit allows you to transform your standard bike into a motorized one that is able to get up to the speed of 40 miles per hour. Although, you would need to do a substantial amount of pedaling, and you will be required to do this if you are going uphill.

bicycle engine kit 4 stroke

Other than the fact that your motorized bike would require you to do a little extra pedaling, a motorized bicycle is one great way of moving around especially when you look at the fact that it is fuel-efficient.

To get the best out of your kit, there are a few things you would need to consider; for example, you would need to match your kit to the present bike. You should also have a knowledge of the fuel to oil ratio that is required of you. Below is a review of the top bike kits that come complete with all the necessary information you need. Flying Horse, the makers of this model, is a big name in the engine kit manufacturing business, and their products are highly durable, and they are made with high quality.

The height of the engine is about 9 inches, it has a width of about 7 inches and length of 9. But, on the other hand, if you are an owner of a 20 inches bike, this kit is not suited for you. If you have in your possession a 26 inches cruiser type of bike, this kit will sure do.

Although this motor can either sit inside a frame or it is rear-mounted, you would need to buy the kits that accompany it so it can give way for this. Let us take for example, say, you plan on rear mounting the motor, then you would need to get the friction drive kit that would allow you to install the engine on the rear of the bike. The 5G in its name shows that the motor is a 5 th generation type. The 49cc 4-stroke motor was made to give you The bike can travel for up to miles per gallon, meaning that the bike kit is very fuel-efficient.

bicycle engine kit 4 stroke

It is important to know that although this kit comes equipped with an assembly motor, a carburetor, and an exhaust, and other parts like the transmission are not a part of the kit. But the good news is, that the parts that are involved are readily compatible with transmissions that are manufactured by other brands.

5 Tips That Will Make Your Motorized Bike Go Insanely Faster

What this means is that if you are already in possession of transmission or if you would rather buy a transmission from another brand, the motor will still work.

Another thing is, this kit would make a great replacement kit, that is if you so wish to replace any of the listed parts. This is another great product from Flying Horse. The first thing you should notice is that the Lock N Load Bicycle Engine Kit is a full engine kit that is made up of all the parts that you would need to get your bike motorized.

The motor is also a 5 th generation 5G which suggests that it has a dual chain transmission. These the dual chain transmission are considered the best working transmissions available for bikes. Because it is a 4-stroke kit, it allows it to be quieter and it does not require so much maintenance. This kit comes with both the centrifugal clutch and a pull start.

And because of this, you are not required to either engage or disengage the engine manually. What you would need to do is to pull the starter cord and then you hit the throttle. The engine comes with its very own oil reservoir, meaning that the trouble of trying to determine the ratio of oil to the gas mixture is far away from you. Its separate reservoir aides a well-lubricated engine that plays a very important role in making sure that the motor is both durable and reliable.

The engine of this kit has a 1. With this kind of power, your bike will be able to attain a speed in the range of 20 and 25 mph. More to this, your bike will travel easily to miles per gallon. This kind of high performance from the kit is what determines that you get value for your investment, that is if you choose to get the kit. The kit has been made to fit nearly all bikes that come with standard tires.It is actually surprisingly straightforward to get your bike into a position where it can have a motor.

The best motorized bicycle kit is easy to install and will have you travelling with no effort at all before you know it. To help buyers make their way through the choices, we have included the top ten available motor kits and some unbeatable tips that will assist in their decision.

For those that know what they are doing you can opt for a rear-mounted chain driving motor that is quieter but takes a little more time to install. The most important factor when you are finding a motor kit is to think about the size that you will need. Here is a short guide to the ideal type of engine you need for specific situations:.

The best bike motor kit will be the one that gives you the right size motor for as many possible situations that you will encounter. There have been nice improvements made from previous kits that make this one easier and even more enjoyable to work with. This is not to say that installation is easy overall, just that this kit is simpler in comparison to some others on the market. This combination makes this the best bicycle motor kit you could buy when you want to use your bike to get around but also need some assistance for longer distances.

With a compatible bike and some adjustments to make the ride more personalized, using this kit can also be quite flexible. Essentially if you know what you are doing and you go relatively easy on the engine then you can get up to a decent speed and get serious longevity out of this motor.

This kit is surprisingly easy to work with and will give you all of the power you need to reach normal traffic speeds. Due to the different parts and materials used in this kit, it is almost universal and can be used with many different kinds of bikes and can be easily adjusted by the user.

With the motor, you will find that you get at least 20 miles a day of riding on the motor and the gas. Obviously you need to account for a little struggle with hills. This is the kind of bike assistance that would be perfect for students that cannot invest in a car or anyone that likes to tinker. It is easy to install and will get you where you need to be in a hurry making it the best motorized bicycle kit you can buy.

The PK80 Bike Engine Motor Kit is exactly what you need to modify your bike and make it more fun to ride and obviously reach much higher speeds than you would be able to just pedaling.

This is a kit that will require some time and patience to put together but it is well worth it in the end. This is the best bike motor kit for anyone that is looking more for fun purposes than a serious commuter that relies on the bike for daily transportation.

bicycle engine kit 4 stroke

Though the kit is reliable, it is not ideal for cruising long distances.If you enjoy bike riding and have a knack for Do-It-Yourself and tinkering, you might want to look into a bicycle engine kit. A bike engine kit can be surprisingly fuel-efficient, and get you around town at speeds as high as 40 mph. But, there are some tricks and tips that you should be aware of, to get the most out of your kit. There are kits for beach cruiser bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.

The kits are usually intended to be universally suitable for all bikes. But, there are tips on matching the kit to your present bike model, as well as tricks for lubricating the parts properly and finding the right fuel-to-oil ratio. It'll help you:. Necessary specs for determining the right bicycle engine kit: To help visualize the various specs that are required to install a bike engine, we should look at a typical V-type bike frame. The tube diameter of the frame should be from mm in diameter, and the seat tube height should be inches high, for proper clearance.

This will ensure that there is enough room to install the bike engine. Availability of replacement parts: Even with the better motor kits, customers complained of the quality of the mounting hardware. For example, with the Roadstar 50 cc Bicycle Engine Kit, a customer said that he was compelled to buy better-quality mounting hardware, to secure the engine more tightly in place.

bicycle engine kit 4 stroke

Achieve higher speeds: Some customers were able to achieve even higher speeds with their bicycles, by changing to a center-hub mounted sprocket around the back wheel. The extra torque of the sprocket is what helps the rear wheel move faster. They also installed a low-compression head, which keeps the motor cool.

They also got a larger exhaust pipe and installed a nitrous oxide injection kit. It provides the engine with more oxygen, meaning more combustion. Some customers achieved as much as 57 mph even though that exceeds the speed limit! Speedometer: Some kits throw in a complementary speedometer as well, to allow you to better see and control your speed.

The most popular bike engines have either a 50 cc or 80 cc capacity. Also, there are differences in tire width which must be taken into account. Fuel efficiency: It is not uncommon to find bicycle engines that can achieve mileage of km on 1.

The mixing ratio of fuel and engine oil: Most of the bicycle engine kits that we reviewed were 2-cycle engines, as is common in other small engine devices, such as lawn mowers or snow blowers. They will have a single fill port for pouring in oil and gasoline.

This is as opposed to 4-cycle engines, which will have two separate ports, one for motor oil, and one for gasoline. The port will have a cap that will tell you the recommended gas-to-oil ratio. The Roadstar kit has an engine that requires a fuel-to-oil ratio at first. After km of travel, when the engine has been properly lubricated and there is less of a risk of wear and tear to the piston and cylinder, you can increase that to Roadstar --are makers of bicycle engine kits, as well as bicycle accessories, including headlights, bicycle batteries, fuel pumps, and more.

PanelTech --are retailers of tools and kits for bicycle engines, as well as products in the vehicular field, such as parking boots, bike helmets, anti-theft locks, and much more.Closeout Item: All sales final. No returns, exchanges or warranty on this product. Please see our warranty page for more details.

4-Stroke Engine Kits

Replace you old and worn 4-stroke engine with a brand new EPA approved Hua Sheng F 49cc 4 stroke engine - available in There is no need to mix oil and gas! Grubee products are produced to last and are one of the only EPA certified engine kits on the market today! The 4G-TBelt Drive Transmission offers a quiet ride with a belt that is easy to replace after hours of riding time. Cruise around town at 35mph while maintaining mpg average. The new 49cc 4G T Belt Drive bicycle engine kit is perfect for a long urban commute or nice ride in the country.

The Bicycle-Engines. If you are unable to find the information that you need to get your Motorized Bicycle on the road then please feel free to call us here at Birddog Distributing, Inc. Sign in Create an account. Home 4-Stroke Engine Kits. Quick view. Be sure to look at our upgrades and accessories to make the most out of your engine kit!

Subscribe to our exclusive discount offers. Stay Connected.Thinking about upgrading your bike with a motorized bicycle kit for an easier commute and less painful hills? There are now hundreds of kits on the market that let you turn almost any ordinary bike into a motorized vehicle.

Knowing which kit is right for you is the challenge. We have put together a list of the best motorized bike kits currently available based on the feedback of hundreds of users as well as professional reviews.

A good kit should be relatively easy to install, reliable, appropriately priced, and have great customer support. If you are looking for a smooth ride, then this is the engine for you. The special banana shaped chamber circulates the air around the chamber, reducing air pollution. Bike Berry is located in Brea, California and has been around since They are able to provide good quality kits at a low rate as they are a factory direct, large volume retailer.

They have a highly-organised customer care team which both respond directly to customer enquiries, and produce great instructional YouTube videos. The bike runs off petrol, and has a separate oil reservoir to keep the engine well lubricated. It also has a centrifugal clutch which means that there is no need to manually engage and disengage the engine. The kit is relatively straightforward to install and can be done by someone with basic knowledge within hours, but requires a inch bike.

The purchase comes with a 6-month limited warranty. Depending on weight and ratio it can reach about 25 miles per hour, and gets miles per gallon.

There was so much interest in his motorised bike that a new company was formed. In general, two stroke engines are twice as powerful as four stroke engines of the same size as they fire once every evolution, while a four stroke will fire only once every other evolution. This kit is pretty easy to install, and someone with basic bike skills should be able to do it within hours. Once installed, it needs a gasoline and oil mix to run, and has a 6-month limited warranty. Depending on weight and ratio it can reach about 40 miles per hour and miles per tank.

This kit is a bit more complicated to install than the 2 stroke engine, but can installed within hours. The engine straight gas, so no need to mix with oil, and its blissfully quiet despite its high horsepower and torque. Depending on weight and ratio it can reach about 25 miles per hour. The wheel comes pretty much ready to go, and conceals a watt brushless electric motor which runs off a lithium battery which can be fully charged within 5 hours.

This electric motor is a bit less powerful than the other engines on this list, and cruises at only about 10 miles per hour and can over about 25 miles on a single charge. It is relatively easy to install, requiring hours, and comes with a day warranty. Based in Centre Valley, Pennsylvania, Bicycle Motor Works is an independently owned retailer that prioritises customer services, providing unlimited support to all their customers.

This model has the benefit of only requiring gas, and has a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour and gets miles per gallon. It can be applied to pretty much any inch bike and is especially good for bikes with wider tubes. It comes with a 6-month warranty. Pretty much any of these engine kits are a worthwhile investment. When choosing you need to balance speed and range, with ease of use and reliability.

An electric motor will be quieter and easier to control, but offers more limited speeds and a pretty short range. A gas motor gives more power, but is messier to install and maintain, but you can get speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Kits advertised as 80cc engine are in reality 66cc engines with top speed ranking between 35 to 40 mph.

4 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kits

Hi I want tombuy thecomplete kit for my bike — if Its easy for self installation i can pay straight away.Transportation is not just about moving an object from point A to point B, it's a process of value delivery: sending things all over the country, carrying customers to upper floors or building a warehouse for cargos, all of which require products in transportation. Check this category or use the search box above, you will find them all here! We offer you high quality bicycle engine kit, bike engine kit and bike engine kits and make sure they meet your demand.

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