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The GoCodes mobile app enables you to manage your assets and track inventory using your smartphone and GoCodes patented QR code labels. This app is specifically designed to work with GoCodes cloud-based software.

Support for higher resolution image view and upload On Asset View rotate phone to see full screen size image Scan barcode data directly into serial number or asset ID fields UI design improvements for images. In evaluating the GoCodes app it struck me as another great example of disintermediation, this time of proprietary and expensive asset management and inventory tracking hardware and software.

Taking an elegantly developed app and combining it with an iPhone found everywhere opens up possibilities for small to medium sized businesses where an application like this is ordinarily out of reach. Nice work GoCodes! It works smoother than the HTML5 version. Some things that would be nice if added, a mass check out mode. When you scan an asset in this mode it immediately ask you to type in the assignee name. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

Mar 4, Version 3. Ratings and Reviews See All.

app assets

Size Category Business. Compatibility Requires iOS Languages English. Price Free.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am confused about the assets folder. It doesn't come auto-created in Android Studio, and almost all the forums in which this is discussed talk about Eclipse. If you need assets specific to a build, such as debug versus releaseyou can create sourcesets for those roles e. Your product flavors can also have sourcesets with assets e.

Your instrumentation tests can have an androidTest sourceset with custom assets e. Also, a quick reminder: assets are read-only at runtime. And voila! It will create the assets folder in the main target source set. This means the "assets" folder is already declared for Gradle. First of all the "Assets" folder will not be created automatically with the project. We have to create it. It will create Assets folder.

In android studio you can specify where the source, res, assets folders are located.

app assets

If you tried all your bullets in this thread in vain try cleaning your project. It will create 'assets' directory in main. When upgrading to the release version of Android Studio, you may be automatically switched to the new Android project View see here for more info.

If you swap back to either the Project or Packages view, you should see the standard folder hierarchy of a Gradle-based project. Then refer to CommonsWare's answer for the appropriate location.The web app enables you to track assets and inventory online and in realtime. The data captured when a barcode is scanned or NFC tag is tapped is sent back to the server where the web app residesalong with additional custom data relating to the asset or the inventory.

All captured data can be seen from the dashboard of the web app. The web app allows you to view, update, and delete records. It also shows the logs of who performed what action.

This can include GPS coordinates. This was exactly what we needed as a small business looking for an innovative way to track inventory. However, there is no support with this app. After playing around with it we are happy with our purchase. I use this app to manage resources at a school that are available for checkout by employees. My only wish is that you could scan multiple assets in the asset checkout stage before entering custodian data.

Now, you have to scan one item at a time. Also, you have to back out of the add asset or check out asset after each scan and go back into the app before it will allow you to scan another item. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Feb 5, Version 2. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Victor Apollo. Size 31 MB. Category Business.

Compatibility Requires iOS Asset tracking apps are a popular tool for organizations and enterprises looking to track and manage their assets because employees can use their existing mobile devices to gather and export asset data.

To help you track and manage your assets more efficiently, we have rounded up our top asset tracking app picks. Most of our asset tracking app picks allow employees to simply scan asset barcodes to record asset data, and the majority of our asset tracking app picks aid in the auditing process.

We have chosen apps based on their useful features, such as the ability to use your camera to take pictures of assets or scan barcodes, their data recording and exporting capabilities, and their ease of use.

Our asset tracking apps come from some of the top-rated asset tracking software companies and app developers, to ensure their security and stability. A-Trak Asset Tracking EnigmaSystems Enigma Telematics has been helping businesses track, trace, and monitor their valuable assets for more than 20 years.

Their A-Trak Asset Tracking app, available for iOS and Android devices, is a remote asset management application for registered users of the A-Trak tracking platform, which is powered by Skyline.

Key Features:. Assets Oomnitza Oomnitza provides complete configuration, automation, and integration tools for asset management software solutions.

Their asset tracking app, Assets, is specifically designed to track IT assets. Their Rapid Inventory, Unlimited asset tracking app aims to make stocktaking, inventory, and asset management simple.

With Mobile Inventory Navigator, you can quickly assess where inventory resides in real time and locate assets any time, anywhere. With Asset Manager and Barcode Scan, you can manage your assets a little more easily by scanning the barcodes using your mobile device and then insert them into your SQL Server database from within the app. Tracks RealAssetMgt Real Asset Management, a leader of fixed asset management solutions, offers their asset tracking app, Tracks.

TrackAbout trackabout TrackAbout delivers SaaS asset tracking and management solutions for companies in packaged gas, chemicals, HME, oil field, university equipment, and others. With TrackAbout, your organization can optimize the use of portable physical assets while managing assets more effectively. They offer their AccountAbility Mobile Scanner so that asset tracking no longer requires dedicated barcode scanning software.

Rather, your employees can scan barcodes with their current smartphones and AccountAbility Mobile Scanner. Their asset tracking app, for both iOS and Android devices, makes it easy to track asset movements, take physical inventories, meet asset audit requirements, and more. Enter data using a barcode scanner, camera, or text selection box, and then export the data to a PC or online in a spreadsheet or document format with Forms Xpress.

EasyAsset EasyAsset is an asset tracking app for Android devices that gives organizations the ability to efficiently and accurately track and manage assets anywhere, any time. In terms of asset tracking, they aim to help you maximize your asset value by helping you to track the total value of all of your assets and claim depreciation. Their asset tracking apps, available for both iOS and Android devices, help you to track your assets to know where your business stands with its value and how much tangible and intangible equity you hold.

skyline Asset Tracking

The inventory and asset tracking app, available for iOS and Android devices, makes it easier to track and manage assets from anywhere, any time. Novo ShareNet NovoSolutions Novo Solutions, a leading provider of scalable, easy to use web and mobile information management systems, offers Novo ShareNet, a web and mobile information management system that helps you track, share, and report on all kinds of assets. Parago Mobile Parago Mobile is an enterprise-specific asset tracking app that discovers, tracks, and manages any fixed or mobile asset within an organization.

Discover and identify assets by barcode or picture using Parago Mobile. AssetTrack 4 IT Asset Tracking supports all modern mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry so that enterprise users are able to scan, capture, and upload asset information using their existing devices.

Barcode Scanner for Business allows users to scan barcodes with their mobile devices to work more efficiently and is intended to be used for asset tracking, inventory management, field service, and more.

Track location, status, and maintenance history of your assets with Simple Asset Tracking. TrackVia trackvia TrackVia offers a do-it-yourself workflow software platform for manufacturers. With TrackVia, you can track, manage, and report on your high-value equipment, tools, and more, with any device. MobileAsset WaspBarcode Wasp is a well-known and trusted name in efficiency solutions for small businesses, including Wasp MobileAsset software, barcode scanners, and mobile computers.

The eQuip! Mobile Asset Manager asset tracking app helps you find equipment located in sites and locations more easily.Sign In. Visual Scripting. Unity Monetization. By Unity. Poly Art Animals Forest Set. Top assets. Take your game to the next level. Assets for all users. Popular Assets. Quick Look.

Will Hong Dynamic Bone. Michsky Modern UI Pack. Demigiant DOTween Pro. More Mountains TopDown Engine. Sirenix Odin - Inspector and Serializer. Refine by clear filters. On Sale Only All Categories. Animations Characters Creatures Humanoids TrackAbout focuses on helping businesses track returnable assets.

These assets are anything that you deliver and eventually pick back up. We found that the key to success was to make asset tracking software easy to use, and to make it smart enough to deal with mistakes that happen in the real world. Forgot to scan an asset when dropping it off at a customer?

TrackAbout will figure that out and correct it during pick-up. Have trouble managing asset maintenance? TrackAbout asset tracking solutions take care of this and keep your company in compliance. We built our tracking system to help you tackle your tracking-related problems. We can help you track the way you want to. Choose from our asset tracking management apps to find the perfect solution for each asset. It all begins by tagging your assets.

Register each of your assets in TrackAbout in a few short steps. Explore all the features of TrackAbout.

Learn if TrackAbout is right for you. TrackAbout works for industries that need to track the movement of returnable or reusable assets. After using asset tracking software, our clients quickly realize that the system pays for itself. Most of the assets we track have a circular lifecycle. They are delivered to a customer, then returned, are prepared to be used again and might have maintenance performed before being delivered to the next customer. Some of our clients also must calculate rent for these assets.

Scroll down for examples of the different industries we work with. Learn about the advanced features of our cloud-based software that allows you to prevent lost or stolen assets.

Tracking Assets & Inventory Using QR Codes and Smartphones

You can track your items from the palm of your hand using your smartphone. Our software allows you to:. To service clients who operate in a variety industries, we track their assets multiple ways.

These include:. Using a smartphone instead of a dedicated rugged scanner saves you money. Scanning with a smartphone camera is very fast and is preferred by most of our new customers. Many of our customers work in challenging environments where a rugged scanner with a 5-year life expectancy is a better investment than using smartphones or tablets for scanning.

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Most of our clients who use RFID do so to track inventory inside a controlled environment within their locations.I'm currently working on an asset management app for my organization. The example app has helped with the initial design and some funtionality. The main purpose of this app is to keep track of the assets we have and tie them to a user.

Unlike the example they will only be using the asset for a short period of time, not days. The example app is a little too elaborate and I just need the very basics. I've been reading the documentation pages and im having trouble with a couple things, specifically the data integration. I pretty much have the app designed, I just need to link the fields to the excel sheet which is where im having trouble.

On the example app, everything is done with forms and is pushed to the excel sheet with the submit form function. The way i designed the app doesnt use forms, it uses the text boxes, as shown.

I read that the patch function should be able to edit the table or add to the table but Ive been getting this error message "Invalid argument type text. Expecting a Record value instead. Does this look correct? Should I convert the text boxes to forms? I want to update the table and not aggregate rows with data being repeated, ie asset id being duplicated.

What do you guys recommend? Checking in with camera barcode scanner and manual input of student ID. Which gets pushed to confirmation screen, where Im getting the error. Error showing up. My data table.

app assets

Go to Solution. Will check the excel sheet to match the AssetTag with the inputed AssetOut so that the correct row of Excel will update. View solution in original post.

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